Sexpert’s Illustrated Guide to 42 Sizzling Sex Tips for Around the House–Hot!


Turn Everyday Sex into Sizzling Adventures!

Bored with the same old sexual routines? Try some of these 28 sexy tips to reawaken your libido, desire and love life!

1. Fantasies Can Come True

What are your hottest sexual fantasies? Hot showgirl does a striptease for you? Scorching cowboy rescues you from a burning building? Our number One tip is the time to share it all with your lover. Just talking about what turns you on boosts arousal and provides an avenue of exciting escape. Remember, you can make your wildest fantasies come true by using your imagination. You don’t have to actually have a threesome to enjoy the erotic benefits. Create the world you want to explore with your lover and act out your secret thoughts in a relaxed and playful manner without the risk of involving other people.

2. Erotic Foods

Get in the mood together with a meal that includes natural aphrodisiacs. Add sexy foods to your shopping list and try a feat in the living room where you can sit comfortably and feed each other. You can also turn your lover into a delectable smorgasbord as you eat and lick the food off their naked body.

Try Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Seeds are the top contender to increase penile blood flow at an average of 40% faster.

Chocolate: Chocolate includes caffeine and a plant substance called phytosteral that mimics human sex hormones.

Seafood: Seafood releases testosterone and is high in iodine, which is needed by the thyroid gland that regulates energy, including sexual energy. Seafood – releases testosterone.

3. Steamy Shower for Two

Showering together is a surefire way to get you both turned on. Get the temperature right, let the room fill with steam and invite your lover in to join you. Starting from the top and working your way down, take turns giving each other a rub down with your favorite scented body wash. The thicker the lather the better!

Press your wet, slippery bodies up against each other and let anticipation build as you gyrate together. After a quick rinse, through some soft fluffy towels on the floor and have oral sex in the 69 position (or whichever way your imagination takes you!).

4. The Ties That Bind

Whether or not Fifty Shades appealed to you, a bit of light bondage in the bedroom has been known to transform sexual relationships from ho-hum to HOT! Find two scarves or men’s ties and tell your lover that you want to try something new (of course, make sure to ask for consent first!). Begin with a little foreplay as you undress each other, and make your way over to the bed. Then gently place one tie around your lover’s eyes as a blindfold, and talk softly and assuredly about what is going to happen next. Gently take your lover’s wrists and tie them to the bed, or to each other.

What you do next is completely up to your and your lover, but remember that you are in complete control, so take your time teasing and pleasing – and that includes yourself! You’ll be surprised how inhibited you feel making love to your lover while they are blindfolded. Its’ liberating for both of you, especially if one or both of you are a bit shy to let go and get kinky, raw and wild in the bedroom, and oh-so sensually erotic as well.

5. Sexy Selfies

6. Mutual Voyeurs

Throw  inhibitions  aside  and  enjoy  one  of  the most  intimate  sexual  experiences available  to you:  watching  each  other  masturbate.  If  you really  want  to  make  some drastic  changes where  your  sex  life  is  concerned,  then  take matters  into  your  own hands  –  literally  –  and  let your  partner  watch.  With  the  lights  down  low and  music playing  in  the  background,  let  the music  move  through  you,  in  you,  and  around you  as  you  undress  and  play  with  your  body  the way  you  would  if  you  were alone. I  guarantee your  lover  will  be  taking  off  their  clothes  a moment  later,  becoming uncontrollably aroused.  Then  when  your  lover  joins  in,  make sure  you  watch  too,  and  let  them  know  that their  pleasure  is  putting  you  over  the  edge.

7. Sensational Senses

8. Be A Sex Slave

This experience works best on weekends so that you can devote all the time of one (or two) days to satisfying the whims  and  desires  of  your  lover.  A  sex  slave  is  someone  who is  available  night  or  day,  no  questions  asked,  and  a  great  sex slave is someone who is willing to play the role wholeheartedly. Find the right outfit to get into character, chosen by – of course – your lover, and then do whatever your lover tells you to do! Don’t  forget to change roles on a separate occasion because it is a well known  fact  that  someone  who  has  been  a  good  slave  can  be  a good  master!  The  important  thing  to  remember  is  to  discuss your  sexual  boundaries  before  embarking  on  your  slave  and master role-­‐playing so that you can respect each others sexual  limits  and  keep  the  whole  game  fun  for  both  of  you.

9. Kink-O-Rama

10. Lunchtime Quickie

Send a provocative text to your lover inviting them to meet you somewhere private for a lunchtime quickie. If going to a motel or hotel is out of the question, then meet at home, but make sure it’s clear that it’s a secret from the others at the office or workplace. It’s
a lot like having an affair, only this way you’re not really cheating on anyone.

There’s an added sense of excitement that comes with knowing that while everyone
else is out and about on their lunch break doing errands or eating a  sandwich, you’re both
enjoying something much more satisfying.

11. Find Her Secret Garden

Madonna once sang about her playing in her “secret garden.” In this song, she makes it sound like such a wonderful, fantastically sexy place, but another more common term for her euphemism is the G-spot. Named for Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, the G-spot is a highly
erogenous zone about two inches inside the vagina. According to Dr. Grafenberg, when the G-spot is stimulated, a woman becomes highly aroused and may ejaculate, expelling a clear transparent fluid that is synonymous to what a male expels during orgasm (without the sperm, obviously).

12. Build Romance

13. Let Laughter Turn You On

What makes you laugh? What makes  your  lover  laugh?  Is  it  a funny movie, tickling each other, having a pillow fight, naked  wrestling,  reading  jokes or throwing grapes at each other? Whatever it is, you should be doing more of it, so here’s your opportunity to
create a date filled with laughter. It has the power to add energy to your life and to chase away the blues. You can create  great  memories  through laughter, so even if it takes
buying  a  sex  swing  and  making a  fool  of  yourself  for  love,  do  it!

14. Ménage À Trois

Having a threesome is one of the most common fantasies for both men and women, but did you know that you can also create a ménage à trois in your imagination? If you don’t want to complicate things with an actual third person, make this fantasy come true through the power of suggestion. Create a scenario together while you’re having sex, describing that third person and what they might be doing to add to your experience. Use plenty of erotic talk and you may not even realize the difference between fantasy and reality.

15. Sensual Sponge Bath

16. Go Commando!

If you’re the kind of person who likes getting dressed up for no particular reason, then you
might also like the idea of adding a little pleasure underneath your regular clothes. A nice outfit goes over well in the office, at the mall  and  at  the  martini  lounge,  but  what  about behind closed doors? The next time you’re about to step out of the house wearing your Sunday best, think about adding a little Saturday night pizzazz underneath. That way
you’ll be well prepared for that afternoon quickie when your lover turns up unannounced.

Knowing that you’ve got nothing  on  underneath  will  add  an  extra  spring to your step and it could give you the sexual confidence  you’ve  been  lacking.  Make  sure  you let your lover know that you are going “commando”  once  you  are  at  the  restaurant,  in the movie theatre or wherever you are and watch  your  lover  squirm  with  excitement.

17. Become Strangers

Arrange to meet your lover at a bar, coffee shop or club that neither  of  you  have  ever  been  to before. Wait for you lover at the bar or counter and order yourself a drink. When your lover shows up, offer to buy the first drink. Then, ask a number of  questions,  pretending  that  you do not know this person sitting next to you. This new found curiosity will rekindle your passion  for  each  other  making  it all  the  more  exciting  to  take  this
seemingly one night stand back to your place where the sex will most  assuredly  be  fantastic!

18.  Strip Poker

19. Sensual Massage for Penis Owners

Put plenty of massage oil in your hands and warm it up by rubbing your hands together,  then  slowly  spread  it  all  over  his penis  and  testicles.  Next  place  one  hand  on the  shaft  of  his  penis  and  start  stoking  it  in an up and down motion while the other
hand  gently  encircles  his  testicles.  Do  this in slow motion for at least three minutes.

Next,  gently  rub  his  penis  with  both  hands as  if  rubbing  a  stick  to  make  a  fire.  This  is  a sure  way  to  light  his  fire!  Now  make  both hands go in opposite directions in a corkscrew motion over the penis. One hand  twists  up  while  the  other  hand  twists
downwards. Do this for at least another three minutes. After that, concentrate on just massaging his penis from the top to the  bottom,  covering  the  glans  (head)  and sliding  your  hands  down  to  the  base  with one hand after another in a fluid motion. Do  this  for  about  ten  strokes  and  don’t  be surprised if he can’t stand it any longer and  has  to  make  passionate  love  to  you.

20. Sensual Massage for Vulva Owners

Clitorial stimulation: Gently pull the clitoral hood back from the clitoris to expose it. Then
slide your thumb and forefinger up and  down  the  sides  of  the  clitoris  for about ten strokes. You may feel it growing  as  it  becomes  more  excited.

A clitoris can grow three to four times its normal size when it’s fully engorged.  Next,  massage  the  head  of the  clitoris  in  circular  motions  using your forefinger or thumb. Don’t be surprised if she has a body melting, earth  shattering  orgasm.  The  clitoris has 8000 nerve fibers and it’s the primary sexual organ for a woman. Most  women  are  capable  of  having  a clitoral  orgasm  when  it  is  stimulated.

Two Lips: Gently  part  her  outer  lips  with both of your thumbs and caress them in circular motions for at least two minutes. Next, slide your thumbs up and down her
outer lips until they are spread apart, and then do the same with her inner lips. The
inner lips are more sensitive than  the  outer  lips,  so  use  less pressure. Watch for her body language and for the swelling of her vaginal lips, which is a natural progression when a woman  gets  sexually  aroused.

Feminine Genital Massage: On the female genitals, you might want to use a water-­‐based
lubricant  because  if  oil  gets  inside the vagina, it can cause irritation. Put the lube in your hands and rub your hands together before placing  them  her.  Start  by  focusing
on  the  vulva,  which  is  the  outside visible area of the vagina. Then gently  rub  around  her  vaginal  lips all the way down to her anus. Using the pad of your thumb, trace the outline of her anus and then slowly slide your thumb up the  landing  strip  (perineum)  from her  anus  to  her  vaginal  opening.

21. Morning Glory

22. Oral Delights

How about using a cube of ice in your mouth while administering oral delights on your lover? What  about drinking hot liquids before giving oral sex? A hot tongue might be even more exciting than a cold one. A skilled tongue will usually bring your lover to the highest level of erotic arousal he/she is capable of. Keep your hands on your lover’s body, caressing the inner thighs, scrotum, nipples, prostate or rectum areas and pay special attention to body language.

For Vulva Owners: Most women enjoy having their mons kissed, their labia sucked, and a talented tongue along the crease where her labia come together. Be observant of her body
language as she presses herself against you; slip your tongue inside her vagina, working
your way up towards her clitoris. Use your entire tongue, dragging it across her clitoris
from the base all the way to the point. Move your tongue from side to side like
windshield wipers. Try circular motions as well, both around her clitoris and on it too.
Turn your head to the side, alternating again between licking in quick, short
strokes and slowly dragging your tongue across her clit from base to point. Don’t be
afraid to come at her from a different angle!

For Penis Owners: Most men will agree that they need more pressure on their penis than
women are aware of. So ladies, don’t be afraid of breaking it. Lavish plenty of attention on
the glans (head) with a strong vacuum-style suck. Flicking the frenulum (the ‘sweet spot under the head) will undoubtedly make him weak at the knees, as will circular motions around the glans; long flat licks up and down the shaft combined with pointy tongue motions bordering the glans will also be welcomed. And don’t forget to bestow plenty of oral pleasure around the scrotum.

23. Erotic Talk

Erotic talk happens to be one of the most powerful forms of seduction. It can make your love life more exciting, more creative and more fun. It can create more intimacy and definitely improves communication. Your only limit is your imagination. Remember, your most erotic sex organ is your brain. This is where all sexual behavior begins and we all have the same size sex organ. It’s what you do with it that counts. By using words and phrases that excite your lover, you can bring both greater passion and a greater sense of connection to your lovemaking. You can even open up doors of communication which may have previously been closed.

24. Write On Me

A picture may paint a thousand words, but words alone can be an incredibly powerful and
seductive communication tool. The next time you and your lover are lying naked in bed
together, have your partner roll over on his/her side. Without blankets and with the lights
down low, begin writing sexy messages on your lover’s back using your finger, a chop stick, or erotic finger paints– one word at a time. It’s a bit of a guessing game, but if you
choose your words carefully you’re guaranteed to get a rise out of your partner. A few
naughty words can turn into something hot and heavy and that’s exactly how this game is
played and won. Take turns at writing messages and see who gets in the last word.

25. Bi-gasm

26. Switching it Up

Playing Top or Bottom. Take turns switching between being a Top and a Bottom so that you can be a dominant one day and  a  submissive  the  next. As a Top, you can take away your slave’s senses to make any punishment experience more intense. Take away their sense of
sight with a blindfold, remove their sense of touch  by  restraining  them, and deprive them of hearing with earplugs or earmuffs. Now you can stroke your lover’s body with ice or any other textures to give them an unexpected  thrill.

27. Shrimping

28. Dance Naked Like No-one is Watching

Being naked empowers you to become more comfortable in your body and dancing to
your favorite turn-­‐on music (whether its jazz, rock, rap or soul) improves your body posture and boosts your self-confidence. Do it in front of your lover to distract him or her when they are watching TV and  you can pretty much guarantee a night of hot sex.

29. Breast Sex

This is a wonderful activity when you are not in the mood for intercourse. Place his penis between her breasts, push them together and let them slide between the cleavage using plenty of lubricant for extra comfort and ease.

30. Find Their Hot Spots

31. Sex Picnic

Buy all of your lover’s favorite  finger  foods  -­‐  hot  and cold -­‐ and create a picnic in the middle of your bed. Spread out a large sheet and cover it with the variety of delectables. Take turns feeding each other, slowly licking each other’s fingers sensuously. Then play “hide the honey!” Decide who is going to be the hider and who  is  going  to  be  the  seeker, then the hider must hide a dab of honey somewhere on their  body  and  tell  their  lover to  find  it  wearing  a  blindfold using only their tongue!

32. Dominatrix

33. Scent-sational Sex

Our sense of smell is primal. Why not get your olfactory system working for you in the bedroom? The smell of pumpkin pie has been shown to increase blood flow to the penis by 40%! And the same is true for women with the smells of licorice. Looking for a few other good suggestions?

Try: cedar, ginger, jasmine, magnolia, rose oil, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. Have a
scentsational show with your lover, blindfold him/her and ask him/her to rate their favorite
aromas from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. Once you’ve determined the most appealing scent for your lover, make it a ritual to use the aroma during your lovemaking sessions.

34. Sexy Bathtime Relax

35. Sex Around the House

Instead  of  making  love  only  in  the  bedroom, christen all the furniture in every room,
including the laundry room – spin cycle, anyone? There are also lots of common household items you can use for creative foreplay including a feather duster for tickling, a rolling pin for massaging, and a spatula  for  spanking,  just  to  name  a  few.  See how  many  common  household  items  you  can find  to  incorporate  into  foreplay.  You  can  use
neckties or scarves as blindfolds for your lover  while  you  lavish  him/her  with  oral  sex.
You  can  also  ask  your  lover  to  restrain  your arms  or  legs  with  a  belt  or  some  pantyhose, when it’s your turn to receive oral sex. You can  caress  their  body  with  an  assortment  of fabrics such as velvet, lace, satin, silk, latex, leather  and  fur.  And  see  if  they  can  guess  the fabric  and  where  you’re  going  to  use  it  next. The key is to create lots of sexual anticipation  all  around  your  home.

36. Sexy Kissing

37. Naked Yoga

Doing sexual yoga together is one of the best ways to boost confidence, flexibility and strength as you mirror  each  other’s  poses  and  share  energy  through  breath,  movement,  sound,  intention  and  attention.  The reason  that  yoga  is  better  than  any  other  exercise  is  because  watching  your  lover  do  the  same  movements as  you  will  cause  mirror  neurons  to  be  triggered  in  the  touch  part  of  the  brain.  This  results  in  both  people feeling  the  same  emotions  and  experiencing  the  same  sensations that  can  boost  confidence.

38. Striptease

39. Nipple Orgasm

Nipple stimulation can produce an orgasm. For women, having their breasts caressed and nipples sucked releases Oxytocin, the chemical that makes them feel like they are in love. This is an area that  many  men  enjoy  stimulating  during  foreplay,  but  rarely  think  of  as  having  orgasmic  potential. Ask  her  if  she  gets  turned  on  by  having  her  breasts  played  with.  If  so,  then  follow  these  directions.

Begin by caressing and licking both of her breasts, not just  her  nipples.  Alternate  each  one  as  you  use  the  flat  of your tongue in lapping motions all around her breasts
covering  every  centimeter.  Follow  your  tongue  with  light fingertip caresses, leaving her nipples until last. When both breasts are suitably wet from your tongue, cup your  hand  over  one  breast  at  a  time  so  that  the  tip  of  her nipple rests in between your thumb and your index finger.  Squeeze  the  fingers  together  so  that  you  raise  her nipple slightly, and then begin licking it with the tip of your tongue in circular motions. After about a dozen licks  or  so,  pucker  your  lips  around  the  nipple  and  suck gently, but firmly, let your head bob up and down simultaneously.  To  enhance  oral  nipple  sensation,  put  an ice  cube  in  your  mouth  while  lavishing  her  orally.  Don’t forget to give equal attention to both breasts and nipples. When  she  is  climaxing  do  not  stop  or  change  what  you are  doing.  Let  her  push  you  away  when  she  is  ready.

40. His Perinium

Did  you  know  that  you  can  stimulate  the  prostate  without  going  inside  the  anus?  Find  his  ‘million  dollar point,’  an  area  sometimes  called  the  ‘taint’  because  it  ‘taint  the  anus  and  it  ‘taint  the  balls,  it’s  that  strip in  between  -­‐  and  feel  around  for  a  small  indentation  about  the  size  of  a  pea.  Gently  press  inward.  This technique  alone  can  induce  mind-­‐blowing  orgasms,  by  itself  or  accompanied  by  a  skillful  blowjob!

41. The P-spot

If  penetration  is  something  you’re  open  to,  find  the  P-­‐spot  about  2  to  3  inches  inside  his  anus,  close  to anterior wall of the rectum. Go very slowly, and use plenty of lubrication. Never poke the prostate directly, but gently caress it, by moving your ;inger side to side, or ‘milking’ it with a ‘come hither’ motion.  You  can  also  press  it  gently  like  a  doorbell.

For  advanced  prostate  play,  there  are  many  excellent  toys  available,  from  small butt  plugs  and  vibrators to  large  dildos  –  just  make  sure  the  toy  has  a  flared  base  so  that  it  is  never  in  danger  of  escaping  inside the  rectum.



42. Braingasm


Images from: The Sexpert Guide to 52 Weeks of Sizzling Sex– Copyright © 2014 by Kudos Inc. & Dr. Ava Cadell


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